Kenya demonstrator

What are the identified needs?

Despite strong low-carbon policies, Kenya still faces challenges with energy access, transport, pollution and congestion as a result of inefficient transport systems and old vehicle fleets. But with about 85% of energy from renewables and an excess production of about 800MkW, there is a strong potential to developed electric mobility solutions to overcome the challenges linked with transports.

There is a strong user demand in Nairobi for the deployment of electric motorcycles, but there is also a need for additional networks of chargers, to enable agile driving patterns in the city.

What solutions will ENERGICA bring?

ENERGICA will develop battery systems and management for electric mobility.

A first demonstrator will be implemented in urban Nairobi, where 15 solar swapping stations and 150 electric motorcycles will be deployed. Then, 12 additional solar swapping stations will be deployed to the urban city of Kisumu.

A cloud architecture and a supervision system will be developed to manage the entire network of swapping stations.

Kenya demonstrator – Electric mobility