Madagascar demonstrator

Madagascar – Diana Region

What are the identified needs?

Madagascar has one of the lowest electrification rates in the Southern Africa region, with important disparities between urban and rural areas. The local energy supply remains inadequate, especially in rural regions where population density is too low and the electricity grid too expensive to reach everyone.
In most rural areas of Madagascar, over 60% of the population works in the field and almost 20% lives from fishing and sea products. That is why, agriculture, cooling and water pumping solutions are the most needed in this region.

What solutions will ENERGICA bring?

The solutions developed in ENERGICA tackle both infrastructure cost and energy access rate through tailored Water-Energy-Food nexus systems. In the Ambanja, the Ambilobe and the Diego II Districts, the solar nanogrids from Nanoé are already powering domestic and other non-productive users in more than 150 villages.

Nano-grids providing access to electricity to households thanks to solar energy will developed. The nano-grids will then power different solutions addressing the most prominent needs of the regions

Agri-specific solutions:

    • Agri-machineries: development of small sizes electric rice huller and adaptation of existing rice husking machines

Water-specific solutions:

    • Water pumping, storage and treatment devices

Cooling-specific solutions

    • Cooling devices for food and water refrigeration

These solutions will be integrated and demonstrated in 50 chosen villages, with a diversity of contexts.

Water-Food Energy Nexus – Malagasy demonstrator concept