Sierra Leone demonstrator



What solutions will ENERGICA bring?

ENERGICA will focus on the development of low-tech and frugal technologies in both the biogas and water purification sectors. The biogas digester developed in ENERGICA will allow to use organic waste to produce energy and fertilizer. The Waste Transformers and The Freetown Waste Transformers have
already developed a prototype anaerobic digestion system for organic waste transformation in a Freetown hospital. The first ENERGICA demonstrator will be set up in Waterloo, a peri-urban district of Freetown, and will improved the existing biogas digestor by

    • Optimising and simplify it
    • Establishing a local manufacturing of the plant for scaling up of the system
    • Coupling it with a water purification system

This demonstrator will then be upscaled tested in urban context, with a bigger capacity.

What are the identified needs?

In Sub-Saharan Africa, food security is a key sustainability challenge. ENERGICA will look at access to energy and fertiliser for efficient local food production and long-term sustainability of agricultural production (fertilizers being used for an healthy soil organic content).

The Water-Energy-Food (WEF) nexus centred demonstrators of Freetown are thus aligned with the local policy to tackle the risks and vulnerability of poor waste management systems. Two solutions will be implemented successively in peri-urban Freetown.

Biodigester and water purification system