What is ENERGICA project?

With its 11 European and 17 African partners, ENERGICA focuses on energy access and sustainable energy development on both continents. In particular, three demonstration sites have been chosen to develop innovative technologies adapted to local needs:
Diana region in Madagascar, Freetown in Sierra Leone, Nairobi and Kisumu in Kenya.
Rural Madagascar (Diana region) will see innovative nano-grids for renewable production of water and food. Peri-urban Sierra Leone (Freetown) will host a new biogas and water purification system for energy, water and food fertiliser production. And finally, in urban Kenya (Nairobi and Kisumu) will be developed solar powered electric mobility for mototaxis (boda-bodas).
An important aspect of the ENERGICA methodology is to build from the local needs in energy and resources. To do so, partners use co-creation approaches to link all the actors of the local social and technoeconomic contexts. Multiple benefits are expected when using this approach: the offer is adapted to the local context and the potential for market uptake and replication is very high. This will help ENERGICA reach its strong positive impacts on society, economy and the environment at local scale. Indeed, the sustainability of the solutions are the main concern: they need to be used by the local population, bringing added-value and having a strong business plan to be interesting locally in the long-term. This includes finding local markets, local production and manufacturing, local business and workforce creation. When using the ENERGICA methodology, it is expected that the activities will impact positively 1500 local stakeholders across Africa, and counting!
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The main objective of the project is to demonstrate the efficient implementation of renewable energy technologies to match local contexts’ needs. To do so, the activities will work on connecting the right actors, understanding the local needs and complete context, and co-constructing adapted solutions. In the 3 demonstration sites, ENERGICA will establish with the local communities Energy Transition Boards (ETB) to animate Integrated Community Energy Systems (ICESs) at community-scale. Using this methodology is beneficial for positive social, environmental, technical, and economic impacts!